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International trade has existed throughout history and we can view a constant rise in its social, political, commercial importance across the globe. Trading globally through companies’ gives consumers’ opportunity to be exposed to the markets of different countries not only goods but services are also been exchanged such as tourism and consulting. So with a vision to maximize the idea of global trade we have been starting with our new venture as “NOVELLE IMPORT EXPORT LTD” it’s an African based company. Globalisation, industrialisation, outsourcing and multinational corporations are the pillars. they play a vital role in prioritizing global trade. so with the use of all these valuable pillars we decided to serve people with best goods and commodities doing the best industrial work and seeking help from various scientific minds and through outsourcing too we have tried our best to serve people immensely. Our products are the best they are made in the best suitable environment required for its production whether it be clothing, eatables or beverages all items are of quality par excellence they are organic and pure products made with best materials and ingredients.
As international trade is nowadays becoming a dire need, we as a team are profoundly working and trying to give our best, bestowing our valuable services to our consumers. We understand that academic excellence can also play a crucial role in this domain. Therefore, partnering with services like ghostwriter seminararbeit, which assists in crafting high-quality academic papers, can significantly enhance our understanding and presentation of complex international trade theories and practices. We identify the needs of our worthy consumers and try to satisfy them to the maximum extent, ensuring that all facets of knowledge and practical application are well-covered.

Our Services

Coffee Export

The most refreshing among all the beverages is coffee which is a kind of drug that keeps people refreshed and awakened throughout the day. it is made up of pure and fresh ingredients here at our company ensuring the best quality of end product of different types of conventional coffee.we feel pride being the best exporters of natural coffee. and we ensure that over the time we will supply the best and reliable quality of coffee to all local ,international and multinational buyers.

Medicine Import

Medicine or pharmaceutical drugs are very crucial items among all. They deal with human health directly. So it is very important that the right kinds of medicines which are reliable and certain are to be imported. We are the best among the medicine importers and are trying our best to import good quality of medicines which are up to the mark with proper expiry and manufacture schedule which are effective on humans consuming them. we import large variety of medicines of different brands and original quality at acceptable prices.

Used Clothing

Clothes are one of the basic necessities among humans.nowadays we can see huge diversities among clothes according to styles, occasions and fashions. people of this modern centuary are blindly following fashion bars and accordingly decide their unique style and appearance. so we being the leading suppliers of garments has tried to arrange every brands of clothing under one roof saving customers, cost, time and energy dealing with the best quality products easily. The quality and reliability of clothes are up to the mark as their manufacturing and production are appropriate.


Cosmetics are the tool for beautifying our body and skin. Using cosmetic products we can serve a perfect make over for ourselves. According to one’s style and fashion. Novella trading has pitched a wide scope of all characteristic cosmetic prepared by brilliant scientific minds after hard research and using various scientific techniquies.we serve a wide range of beauty products including all brands.The ingredients used in production are pure and trustworthy which helps redefining your damaged skin again.

Frozen Foods

Foods being the most basic necessity of human life have to be served at its best quality. Different kinds of food are eaten in the world ie.raw, roasted, cooked, fried and frozen. Our company had a vision of providing the best quality of frozen foods with perfect taste and aroma. We strictly ensure the quality checks and provide the pure quality of food keeping in mind all the health measures of our valuable consumers. Frozen food requires freshness so to avail that our company uses different kinds of natural refrigeration’s and do not add any chemical preservative to preserve food giving pure and healthy food to the consumers.

Food Stuffs

Along with frozen foods novella trading has also taken initiative to supply food stuff like pulses, spices and dry fruits.which are the key elements of any perfect food dish. Without the mixture of spices and grains no dish is proved to be perfect.So our company has established best quality standards and has been proved to be the pioneer in the trade of such items defining best quality of goods to be exported and imported across the globe.

Wood Trading

Wood or timber is the best gift given by trees to human beings. Wood is made up of trees like teak, saal, and sandal. Each and every trees produce wood after cutting them. Novella imports and exports have all kind of knowledge about timber trading. Different varieties of wood products are available at our company at suitable rates. The products here at our company includes prefinished wood, line construction, structural panels and much more.

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